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Business cards today can take many shapes and sizes. Standard business cards are 90x50mm in size, and contains information like your company name and/or logo, your name and some contact details. Truth is your business card often ends up having to represent you and your company when the meeting is over. We believe it should therefore not only contain your contact details, but also summarize what you have to offer your clients – where a client might only be interested in one of your services at a specific point in time, should the need arise your client might not be aware you have other services on offer.

There are various formats to choose from when designing a business card, depending on the kind of operation concerned and the amount of detail required. We also produce business cards from artwork provided.

Full colour single sided

Full colour double sided

Full colour first side, black and white second side

Booklet format:

Cards in booklet format can be produced full colour one side or both sides, alternatively first side full colour ans second side black and white.