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Flyers are a cost effective, versatile mass marketing tool, and most business types do benefit from producing them. They can come in a variety of sizes, but most commonly we produce them in A5 (210x148mm), A6 (148x105mm) or DL (99x210mm) format. On the print production side, single or double sided flyers can be produced in full colour or in black and white. 90gsm or 115gsm stock is the norm as far as paper selection goes, however, colour paper is popular when black and white flyers are produced.


Whichever format or print specifications are selected, at MJM we believe your flyer design needs to be striking, bold and to the point. Because a flyer has about 5 seconds to impress, it has to have one main focus point drawing the viewer in. One way of achieving this is by clever imagery and minimum clutter. At the same time it must contain sufficient information to inform your viewer, without him/her having to read an encyclopedia. Tell us what you would like your flyer to achieve, and we will assist you in choosing the correct message and printing methods for your specific target market.

Single sided flyers, full colour:


Double sided flyers, full colour both sides. Flyer can also produced with colour on the first side, and black and white on the second side.


Black and white flyers. Can be produced double or single sided:


Special flyers can include folding or perforation: