Posters come in a variety of standard sizes: A4 posters(297x210mm), A3 posters(420x297mm), A2 posters(420x594mm), A1 posters(594x840mm) and A0 posters(840x1188mm). Depending on the purpose of your poster/your target market, we can advise on size and quantities for an effective poster campaign.


f you are targeting the general public, as with election campaign posters or with exibitions, the posters are usually applied unto corrugated cardboard or hardboard. Your viewer will lay eyes on a poster for a very short time period, usually while walking or driving by. For this reason the poster cannot be too small (A1 size is recommended). The message needs to be short, bold and readable within seconds. The same applies for posters being displayed in shop windows, although A2 or A3 size would sometimes surfice as space restrictions might apply.

However, posters are also generally used to decorate, inform or educate, and these designs might require more detail and information. TheĀ  MJM studio can assist with your poster design, and we also print posters in smaller or larger quantities from artwork supplied. Contact us for a free quotation.